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Industrial Thermometers

Industrial Thermometer Selection Considerations

SX735 SX935SX7 & SX9 Series Industrial Thermometers



CDX935 Solar Digital Industrial Thermometer



S531A S551A S531S S551SS5 Series Contractor’s Thermometers



Thermowells for Industrial Thermometers

Options and Accessories for Industrial Thermometers

Bimetal Thermometers

Bimetal Thermometer Selection Considerations

B3099A B3098A B5099A B5098AB3099A & B5099A Adjustable Bimetal Thermometers



B3099L Lower Connect Bimetal Thermometers



B3099 & B5099 Rear Connect Bimetal Thermometers



CD3098A Adjustable Solar Digital Thermometer



B2098 2″ Rear Connect Bimetal Thermometers



B2599 Hot Water Bimetal Thermometers



B20146 Refrigeration Thermometers



B1098 Pocket Test Thermometers



Thermowells for Bimetal Thermometers

Vapor Actuated Dial Thermometers

Dial Thermometer Product Selection Considerations

2″ / 2½” / 3½” Front Flange Thermometers



2″ / 2½” / 3½” U-Clamp Thermometers



2″ / 2½” Waterproof U-Clamp Thermometers



2″ / 2½” / 3½” Rear Flange Thermometers



3½” Adjustable Bracket Thermometers



3½” / 4½” Direct Mount Thermometers



4½” Rear Flange Thermometers



4″ Front Flange & Rear Flange Thermometers



4½” / 6″ Hinged Ring Case Thermometers



6″ Rear Flange Thermometers



2″ / 2½” Cabinet and Superheat Thermometers



Ranges, Tube Systems & Optional Features for Dial Thermometers

Thermowells for Dial Thermometers

Drum Thermometers

L2546 Horizontal & Vertical Drum Thermometers



Solar Digital Thermometers

CD1046 Surface Mount Solar Digital Thermometer



CD2036 Front Flange Solar Digital Thermometer



CD2066 U-Clamp Solar Digital Thermometer



CD20146 Rear Flange Solar Digital Thermometer



LED Digital Thermometers

ED175 LED Digital Thermometers



ED2046 U-Clamp LED Digital Thermometer